The lost Grateful Dead Truck from 1966.

    Owsley’s Sound Truck for the Dead!!

Think “ Truckin ” by The Grateful Dead...


This historic counter-culture truck was recently rediscovered in storage where it had rested for decades, wearing its original hippy inspired paint job...Originally used, starting in 1966, to move the early band equipment for the Grateful Dead rock group, this iconic vehicle has been revived and is currently on a journey of rediscovery. We are wanting to hear from people who are Grateful Dead fans and who have a connection with the travels of this particular truck or can add to its history...thanks!

a short film of the truck moving for the first time in decades...

The Grateful Dead's Truck from 1966, originally known to deadheads as “ The Dred. ” Starting in early 1966, this 1949 one-ton Studebaker truck was purchased and used by new owner Owsley Stanley , aka the “Bear” to move the Grateful Dead's sound equipment to various gigs in the S.F. Bay Area, from the mid 60s to the early 70s. Among other journeys into the rock and roll history of the Grateful Dead, Owsley also used his truck to move the Grateful Dead down to L.A. for a recording gig and for the appearance of the Dead at the Acid Tests in L.A in mid 1966.

“ The Dred ” soundtruck truck was given the name in 1966 by Owsley Stanley, the early and noted LSD chemist who, among his other 1960s contributions, he was also the the primary designer of the infamous ‘wall of sound system’ for the Dead. Owsley Stanley was the owner of this truck in 1966 and as their first manager and soundman, he personally used this truck during the summer of love to help move the psychedelic sound around the west coast...

Originally painted factory red when bought second-hand by stanley...until a friend of Owsley's painted the body in a soft psychedelic manner, using the original red color as part of the designs color palette, which are in the loose style of the early Acid Tests posters

Please feel free to contact us regarding this truck and its journey. We are interested in loaning this “notorious” vehicle to any appropriate function for fundraising or exhibition.


aka: “The DRED”  a lost, and then found and still untouched, cultural automotive art moment from the san francisco bay area’s authentic 1960s psychedelic rock and roll past.